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Bedtime Stories features 40 magnificent men, individually and occasionally in steamy duos. Shot in a single location - an abandoned Army barracks and a scattering of old mattresses - the collection spans several years. A true collaboration, these wonderful sexy men were largely left to themselves, to imagine the space as they may, and do what they like. Of course put a man in a room full of mattresses and one theme did repeat more than others... Bedtime Stories is available as a large-format coffee table art book printed on deluxe paper, and as an eBook. At 119 pages and over 160 photographs there is a lot to admire here! Explicit content and full nudity! Purchasing details here

I’ve loved all of your books, but this one is a favorite, love what the location brought out in so many of the guys you shot. -
The photos are ridiculously beautiful. - The Advocate
It is a wonderful work with wonderful bodies that bring out their own story, flare, and ecstasy. - @gabriielbaila
Congratulations on another book of hot, sexy imagery! The bedtime stories concept came out great, having so many creativities from an abandoned pile of dirty mattresses! Can’t wait to work on the next project with you! - @devon84

The following books are each dedicated to a single model, featuring some of the most amazing men I have had the pleasure of collaborating with. 

All are available in print, and most are also available as eBooks. Visit the bookstore here

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This is a story, in photos, or Yorgen's weekend visit to California. Join us as his weekend visit is lovingly documented. Mature and erotic content! 

Between his blond hair, blue eyes and heavenly physique (that butt!!) he has quickly jumped to the head of the line when it comes to book sales...  I'm already planning our next collaboration, I think in Hawaii...

Also available in eBook format here:



Tyler stands out in the crowd. He turns heads. He's nearly fearless, totally uninhibited, enthusiastic, energetic, fairly modest, and very hot. Modeling is a lark to him - just something to do for fun - a chance to show off a bit, although he's still surprised at all the attention too. 

This book features over 100 images of Tyler, from 8 different photo shoots.  I'm sure you'll be as impressed with this young man as I am. 

Warning: This preview is pretty hot, but the rest of the content is hotter still - too hot for Blurb's previews. The only way to see what's not shown here is to order the book!


Spanning 5 years, Devon lovingly illustrates the transformation of a sexy 19 year old into a striking male model. Devon is the rare model that I actually encouraged to bring clothes to a shoot... He always arrived with a car full of new clothes - more than we could possibly use, yet ended up naked at some point in the shoot too.

Encompassing 7 photo shoots, including three duo shoots, with two different co-stars, this book contains explicit content not for the faint of heart (or underaged)! Bring this blonde California model home to your bookshelves!


Jason & I met the day of our first photo shoot. It was an amazing day - the first of many amazing days and collaborations to follow. It was also the start of a new friendship.

The photos in this book are presented in a mostly chronological time-line, spanning a little over a year. The results have a voyeuristic feel, as you see a younger and less self-assured Jason begin an amazing transformation. Don't get me wrong though - Jason could work the camera and turn on the sex appeal from the very start. Many of his changes are obvious - the physical manifestations of a lot of hard work, but they are matched by his personal growth and a new confidence and self-awareness. While most of our photo shoots have been solo, Jason also shares the pages of this book with a couple of friends as well; Ashlee and Frank. Here again you get to witness their interactions and spend some time with them as they enjoy each other's company.


If he looks familiar, but you don't recognize the name, maybe Turk Mason will ring a bell!  This book is the result of 2 photo sessions with Turk/Frank, both shot on location in urban settings. So often younger/smoother models are presented in a clean soft environment - I instead wanted to go with something more stereotypically masculine... Frank loved it, and carried it off beautifully! 

Warning: The content of this book is more mature than my other books... Frank is a XXX star after all!

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Anton personifies both the beauty and energy of youth that make the world take notice.  At 21 he's strikingly handsome, with a radiant smile and twinkling eyes. He's a bit of a tease, and a charmer, and he never sits still for long...

This was his first time in California and we made the most of a beautiful three-day weekend.  We shot at the beach, in abandoned buildings, in a pool and in the shower. He danced, did acrobatics and played in the surf, swam, shaved and all-round made the utmost of his time here.

See the weekend unfold with this 58 page book of images, all devoted to Anton's sexy persona.



Presenting Greg... This book is the result of 3 outings with Greg, all within a 9 month period. Each day was full of surprises - I hope you enjoy this photographic journey as much as I enjoyed capturing it!

Day 1: Greg was just 18. He arrived with 2 pair of low-rise pants, and a couple of T-shirts, and that was it. The clothes hardly entered into the shoot anyway.

Day 2: A duo shoot with Greg and CJ. They hit it off as soon as they met, talking about music, cars, school... For me, the day was a bit like chasing two puppies around while they played - hard to keep up with, but a whole lot of fun!

Day 3: Late summer found us shooting together again for the 3rd time... another solo shoot, but this time out in nature.

(I first printed "Greg" in 2007, and it has always been my most popular book. This second edition was released in 2012, featuring new brighter edits, new layouts, and 20% more images! Enjoy!)


Stéphane is a wonder. He probably has the tightest, fittest body I've ever photographed. And, he can do amazing things with that body... from aerial acrobatics to graceful contortions, gymnastics, climbing, leaping... This book is the result of one magical morning in December, when I was treated to a very special private performance by this sexy man with the hot European accent. The air temperatures were probably in the 40's, but the sexual energy captured is off the scale!

If this book were a movie, it would be rated NC17!


Benjamin is an amazing young man. At 23 he's an artist himself, and a writer. He has a very zen quality about him. He possesses both an inner and a very obvious outer beauty!

I was the first photographer to work with Benjamin and it was a wonderful experience! Based on these images he was booked for a centerfold shoot with Playgirl Magazine - a star is born! However, that wasn't in his plans - modeling was just for fun for him. Almost as quickly as he arrived on the scene, he dropped out again. 

I was very lucky that we hung out and worked together 3 times - each time was a blast. We covered the gambit in locations and styles, from rough urban warehouse and train yards to a swimming pool, sports gear, and studio work. He shined in every way! I still hear from him occasionally, and am very flattered that he considers our work together to have been his best!

Enjoy this book of the very sexy centerfold, Benjamin!

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This sexy 19 year old personifies the bad boy image; devilish charm, playful, confident, fast driving, and fast to shed his clothes... And he looks so good out of his clothes. This book traces our two shoots, from their innocent first images to the explosive conclusions!  Warning: very explicit/erotic content!



A charming mix of youthful midwestern charm, earnestness, and a wee bit of naiveté, Jasper also possesses probably the most cut physique I’ve had the privilege to shoot. With a body that looks like it was sculpted from the finest stone it fits that he bears the name of a gemstone. He came to California to chase a dream - to become a physique model. He approached me to shoot and I’m so glad he did! His book features full nudity.



Join us on a photographic adventure with Bond, as we explore abandoned spaces, mountain streams, beaches, pools and much much more. Never have I worked with a model as open to adventure and experimentation in shooting. Incredibly athletic, charismatic, energetic, and boyishly beautiful - Bond's adventures in front of my camera were a highlight of the year. This compilation features favorite images from 5 photo shoots, from innocent to damn sexy, from clothed (barely) to full nude and full glory...



Four photo shoots, and nearly one year later, this is a photographic exploration of a beautiful young man; Andrew. He holds nothing of himself back as the camera follows him through rustic urban settings, country gardens, beaches, streams and a studio. Enjoy the beauty of this young man (and briefly a costar) as he discovers himself. Warning: very explicit/erotic content!


James! What can I say about a 24 year old, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, straight California surfer dude?! James is so at ease with the world, and who he is, that he was an inspiration to work with (and to hang out with). He was my (typically naked) muse for 9 months. As a photographer himself he also brought so much to our shoots, scouting locations, suggesting ideas and thinking about the aesthetics. And, his aesthetics are pretty amazing too! 

He's moved on to other things by now (including medical school), so this is likely your one chance to see him. 


... updated & expanded edition... Newly republished in 2011 with sexy new content added from Cason's first 2-man shoot...

Cason is a dream to collaborate with! Not merely handsome, and with a great body, he is graceful and imaginative. He is a dancer, an actor, a goof, and willing to do anything for a shot.

I'm not sure I've ever met another model as comfortable in his own skin. From the first frame of our first shoot Cason was nude. Well, that's not entirely true - I did ask him to put something on for one brief series - he had nothing with him except what he wore to the shoot, so that's what we used, including the red Keds... Being nude allows Cason's physique and grace to really shine through though, so that's perfect - it allows us to admire and marvel at the structure and muscle tone that makes it all possible.

These images are the results of several delightful collaborations in 2008, plus a playful shoot with his friend Damon in 2010. Enjoy!

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My work has also been included is several International published books and magazines over the years... 

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