Mark photographs Sebastian, by Mike



Photography is my art, rather than my profession.  I create for fun. I create to challenge myself. I create to inspire. I create to show models a side of themselves they might not have known was there. I experiment. I play. I savor the experience.

I bought my first camera for a trip to Europe when I was 15. I was immediately hooked. A couple of photography courses followed in college, plus a brief stint working in a photo shop. Fast forward a couple more years and I meet this amazing man who is today my husband. At that time he was modeling for a friend as a lark. He would eventually become my first figure model. In time we were both shooting models and friends and even had a darkroom in our house. That darkroom is long since gone, replaced with digital shooting and a computer, but my husband remains my #1 fan even if he hasn't been in front of my camera for a while.

My intention remains to keep this fun  - to keep loving the creative process!  I hope you've enjoy this slice of my work!